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Featuring renowned hacker, enterprise security MVP, and named by SC Magazine as one of the Top "Women to Watch” in security.

*Please note this is a 90 minute session*

Wherever and whenever you log on to any Windows workstation or server, you leave your password credentials behind. When we set up our password in Windows, it is hashed and stored either in SAM or a ntds.dit database in Active Directory. This is useful for verification purposes, but if your operating system can re-use the password it means others can decrypt it! And when a hash is cached, it may be reused for authentication later. Tune in to this webinar with Enterprise Security MVP and Microsoft Security Trusted Advisor, Paula Januszkiewicz to learn:

  • How Pass-The-Hash (PtH) attacks work, and how to prevent them
  • How to prevent password credential leakage in Windows
  • How various credential attacks work
  • The role of cryptography for passwords in Windows
  • The DPAPI (Data Protection API) idea behind the cached credentials