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Featuring guest speaker, CISSP Cyber Security Expert, Derek A. Smith

Every business should recognize that a strong password policy is the foremost line of defense against illicit access to their critical infrastructure. In 2018, Verizon reported via its annual Data Breach Investigations Report that 81% of hacking-related data breaches involved either stolen or weak passwords. Unfortunately, most organizations are oblivious to modern password-cracking techniques. And inadequate password management controls and processes only compounds the risk.

In this webinar from cybersecurity expert Derek A. Smith, you will not only learn a number of ways in which password are vulnerable, but also the 15 best practices you can apply right now to strengthen your enterprise password security against today’s threats. Derek will cover:

  • The problem with passwords—what makes them so vulnerable
  • Common techniques for defeating passwords
  • Password requirements by various regulations
  • New and evolving insights on password management
  • Guiding principles for password management

Tune in to this webinar, and learn how to re-think your password management and authentication to meet today’s compliance and security needs.