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Featuring guest speaker, CISSP Cyber Security Expert, Derek A. Smith

Today, most organizations use some form of remote access for remote workers, third parties, vendors, and others. The downside is that remote access opens your organization up to all types of cybersecurity risks. In fact, almost every major data breach over the past several years has involved some type of unauthorized remote access.

Most organization use some type of VPN to allow users to interact with their systems. But VPNs bring their own security shortcomings. However, implementing effective privileged access management (PAM) security controls can dramatically reduce the risk of remote access threats.

Join cybersecurity expert Derek A. Smith in this webinar to learn:

  • Remote access cyber risks
  • Examples of major remote access breaches (Target, and Georgia-Pacific, etc.) and how they could have been mitigated with the right PAM controls
  • Why tracking, recording, and controlling remote privileged access sessions is imperative
  • The importance of enforcing least privilege
  • Best practices for implementing remote access privilege access management