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Featuring guest speaker, CISSP Cyber Security Expert, Derek A. Smith

In 2018, there were over 11 major breaches caused by exploitation of third-party vendors. And, third-party breaches (Target, Saks 5th Avenue, Universal Music Group, Applebee’s, etc.) rank amongst the costliest, and most damaging of all security incidents.

While IT administrators, insiders, and third-party vendors need privileged access to effectively do their jobs, this shouldn’t mean ceding control of your IT environment. In this webinar, cybersecurity expert Derek A. Smith will discuss how to extend the best practice privileged access security controls to your third-party vendors. You will discover how to:

  • Gain visibility into the risks posed by remote access control of privileged accounts used by third-party vendors
  • Control and manage third-party remote access
  • Keep malware from a remote vendor’s or external user’s endpoint from infecting your network
  • Quickly detect suspicious or malicious activity caused by your third-party vendors
  • Dramatically reduce the risk of remote vendors compromising your enterprise
  • Streamline privileged account security