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Featuring renowned hacker, enterprise security MVP, and named by SC Magazine as one of the Top "Women to Watch” in security

*Please note this is a 90 minute session* Today, neither the cyberattacker nor the defender can maintain an advantage for very long. Each side is constantly pushed to evolve. Many companies still dedicate the lion’s share of cybersecurity resources to perimeter-based solutions, like antivirus and firewall. In simpler times, this approach could work okay. But in today’s complex, increasingly mobile and decentralized IT environment, it’s inevitable that an attacker or sophisticated piece of malware will slip through firewalls and AV somewhere, somehow, sometime. And then, what?

In this high-impact webinar, join CEO of CQURE, hacker, and enterprise security MVP, Paula Januszkiewicz, as she checks antivirus for a heartbeat, and explores what other protections you should apply.

You will also learn;

1. Techniques threat actors leverage to bypass AV

2. Modern tactics malware uses to run/execute

3. How to thwart attacks from emerging cyber threat vectors

4. Why least privilege security is absolutely essential for defending against hackers