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Featuring Independent IT Consultant and Author of "Least Privilege Security for Windows 7, Vista and XP (Packt)", Russell Smith

Cybercriminals target Active Directory (AD) domain controllers because they’re often inadequately protected, and once compromised, allow easy access to your entire IT environment. With privileged access to AD, and threat actor can erase their tracks, move laterally, and crack the deepest layers of your organization.

In this webinar, join Windows security expert Russell Smith as he demonstrates how to secure and limit the use of privileged Active Directory accounts, while also empowering IT personnel to effectively manage AD, administer domain controllers, and support servers and end-user devices.

You will learn how to:

  • Manage built-in administrator accounts
  • Securely provision access to Active Directory
  • Leverage PowerShell for remote administration
  • Control access to privileged domain groups

Catch this webinar, and immediately apply the insights to tighten security for your Active Directory environment.