A two-tier approach for securing privileged accounts and identity access.

The joint solution from BeyondTrust and OneLogin extends access controls and protections across your hybrid environment - from servers, on-premises applications and cloud systems. This means that you can secure your organization from data breaches related to stolen credentials without compromising end-user experience.

The Joint Solution Benefits

  • Provides enterprises with comprehensive access and session controls across their IT environments.
  • Gives end users secure, controlled pathways to log into tools they need to use every day.
  • Simplifies and secures employee access to cloud and on-premises applications via OneLogin’s single sign-on web portal.
  • Gain access visibility and correlate analytics on login behavior and privileged account activity - eliminating excessive end-user privilege and remediate threats.
  • Automatically apply stricter policies when accessing applications as admin users or logging into systems with highly sensitive data.
  • Establish secure sessions for privileged admin users to IT/network infrastructure via BeyondTrust, then apply additional protections such as step-up authentication via OneLogin.
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