How to Evaluate Remote Support Products, with Checklist

After meeting the requirements of over 20,000 customers, we've got a pretty good idea of the common remote support requirements businesses have. Our free buyer's guide will help you evaluate BeyondTrust Remote Support against alternative solutions.

The document includes

  • Everything you need to consider when implementing remote support
  • Questions to ask vendors for each requirement category
  • A comprehensive checklist of requirements derived from real-life IT support implementations

Our part is filled out, and there are blanks for the other products you're evaluating. We've done a lot of the work for you!

“Given Chili Security’s rapid growth, we estimate that if we hadn’t made the switch to BeyondTrust, we would need four times the employees we have now to service our expanding customer base. BeyondTrust’s automated features make it possible for each technician to handle more jobs, reducing labor costs.”

Michale Hede, Technical Leader at Chili Security

Get this guide and discover:

For technical support teams within mid-to-large enterprise organizations, choosing the right remote support software is pivotal to the productivity and security of your service desk. Get on the right path by downloading your copy of the Remote Support Buyer’s Guide and Checklist. You'll discover:

What Is Your Ideal Remote Support Solution?

A complete remote support solution built for today’s service desk should enable you to:

How does BeyondTrust Remote Support Measure Up?

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