Retina Patch Management Module

Retina CS

Patch Management Module

It’s more than a Microsoft world when it comes to commonly deployed applications on your network. Remediate those applications as part of your overall vulnerability management strategy with the integrated Patch Management Module for Retina CS.

Seamless Patch and Vulnerability Management

Even in today’s sophisticated threat landscape, the vast majority of attacks target known vulnerabilities that can be easily patched. Effective patch management goes a long way in reducing your network’s overall attack surface. However, to be truly effective, patch management requires intelligent prioritization and broad coverage for common business applications.

Seamlessly integrated with Retina CS Enterprise Vulnerability Management, the Patch Management Module closes the loop on vulnerabilities by providing seamless patching for Microsoft and third-party applications. Integrated, automated and agentless, the solution improves the efficiency and effectiveness of patch processes.

Efficiently Patch Known Vulnerabilities

Efficiently Patch Known Vulnerabilities

Quickly fix vulnerabilities using instant or scheduled patching, and see the big picture with end-to-end reporting on the entire patch management cycle.

Centralize Patch and Vulnerability Management

Centralize Patch and Vulnerability Management

Leverage BeyondInsight as a WSUS / SCCM management console to facilitate seamless and efficient identification, prioritization and patching of known vulnerabilities.

Leverage Your Existing WSUS or SCCM Deployment

Leverage Your Existing WSUS or SCCM Deployment

The Patch Management Module reduces the effort and expense by leveraging your existing WSUS or SCCM infrastructure for non-MSFT applications.

Unify Patch Management and Security Intelligence

Unify Patch Management and Security Intelligence

Use in conjunction with BeyondInsight’s reporting engine, which delivers analytics and trending across the threat lifecycle for multi-dimensional reports on assets, vulnerabilities, attacks and remediation.


Integrated with Microsoft WSUS or SCCM: Leverage your existing WSUS / SCCM deployment to minimize the effort and expense of patch management processes.

Extends WSUS and SCCM beyond Microsoft applications: Leverage WSUS / SCCM as a single, integrated patching solution for Windows and third-party applications including Adobe Acrobat, Reader, Flash and Shockwave; Mozilla Firefox; Apple Safari; Foxit Reader; Google Chrome; Opera Browser; Skype; Sun Java Runtime Environment; WinRAR; WinZip; and 7-Zip.

Patch prioritization: Prioritize patching based on data from Retina vulnerability management, configuration compliance and regulatory compliance capabilities.

Immediate patching: For critical assets, use “Patch Now” to reduce the attack surface without waiting for the next scheduled patch update.

Out-of-the-box reporting: View patch availability, targets requiring patches, patch deployment results, and more.

Integrated data warehouse and business intelligence: Provide executive and operational views into patch processes.

Air-gapped network support: Retina CS includes support for disconnected or “air-gapped” WSUS environments, common in many government deployments.

Role-based access: Support distributed teams with role-based viewing and patching of specific asset groups.