PowerBroker Auditor for Exchange

PowerBroker Auditor for Exchange

Non-Owner Mailbox Auditing for Exchange

Real-time auditing, interactive analysis, alerting, and non-owner mailbox reporting for Microsoft Exchange.

Real-Time Auditing and Compliance Reporting For Microsoft Exchange

PowerBroker Auditor for Microsoft Exchange audits and reports on all changes made to all Exchange Server configurations, groups, mailbox policies, information store changes, and permissions in a centralized audit log. A single real-time audit database for reporting and alerting simplifies compliance and mitigates security risks.

Real-Time Centralized Exchange Auditing and Alerting

Real-Time Centralized Exchange Auditing and Alerting

Audit, alert and report on all changes made in Exchange in real time without relying on difficult and cumbersome native event logs. Centralized, real-time auditing of the who, what, when and where for every change – including before and after values and simplified event translation – helps to quickly identify changes that can impact the security of the environment.

Integration Across the Windows Environment

Integration Across the Windows Environment

PowerBroker Auditor for Exchange is part of a suite of auditing and recovery solutions that track and alert to changes across the Windows environment – from Exchange, to Windows File Servers to SQL Server. A single pane of glass helps administrators more quickly meet compliance needs.

Non-Owner Mailbox Access Reporting

Non-Owner Mailbox Access Reporting

Audit and report on non-owner mailbox activity to prevent inappropriate access to sensitive information and mitigate the risk of possible data loss or security breaches.


Audit non-owner mailbox access: Monitor access for compliance and tighter security.

Immediately address incidents: Learn of inappropriate Exchange modifications via real-time alerts.

Pinpoint configuration changes: Track changes to server policy and security settings, including the originating IP address.

Access every detail: Gain unmatched levels of detail over competitive solutions and native logs.

Audit event translation: Enable less technical users to understand what activity has occurred while still maintaining the advanced details that administrators require.

Customize alerting: Design HTML templates or plain text email notifications, and simplify the appending, replacing or removing of recipients to alert notifications.

Intelligent search: Allow administrators or auditors to filter what they are looking for based on a user-friendly description of the change activity.

User preferences: Increase usability and enable a consistent experience for users with more than a dozen customizable preferences – from colorblind options to column order


Gain actionable information: Leverage out-of-the-box report templates and wizard-driven custom reporting capabilities.

Centralize all audits: Access all audit data via a single database.

Drill down: Filter, search and report at the server, account, event-type and attribute levels.

Automate and schedule: Automatically email reports to administrators, security officers, and business data

Confirm compliance: Provide access and change histories for compliance with SOX, PCI, HIPAA and other mandates.