Privilege Management for Windows & Mac | BeyondTrust

Unmatched Privileged Endpoint Security for Windows & Mac

BeyondTrust Privilege Management for Windows & Mac pairs powerful least privilege management and application control capabilities to provide preventative endpoint security. Implement zero trust controls and benefit from advanced protection against lateral movement, ransomware, malware, and insider threats.

Qualify for Cyber Insurance with BeyondTrust Privilege Management

Qualifying for cyber insurance and getting the best rates hinges on your ability to answer questions about the capabilities of your security posture. Some insurers may even request proof that the controls are in place. Here are some examples of common cyber insurance eligibility questions that BeyondTrust Privilege Management for Windows & Mac can help you affirmatively answer.

Common Cybersecurity Insurance Requirements: With BeyondTrust, You Can Answer:
Have local admin rights on user's laptops/desktops been removed?
  • ✓ Yes.
  • BeyondTrust removes all admin rights and elevates access as needed to applications based on the proper content, and only for the duration needed. This is one of the most powerful ways to reduce the attack surface and defend against both external and internal threats.
Can you confirm human and non-human accounts always abide by least privilege?
  • ✓ Yes.
  • Enforce least privilege and application control across all human/non-human identities and accounts across any time of endpoint or other asset. This massively reduces the attack surface and protects organizations against fileless threats and zero days.

Highlighted Privilege Management Features

Multiple Operating Systems:

Multiple Deployment Options: