Agentless Privileged Session Management

Privileged session monitoring and management is essential to achieve your compliance and security requirements, but can be complex and time-consuming to achieve. Many alternatives in the market force you to use Java, which is a notorious security risk, or require you to purchase additional licenses of what should be free tools.

Password Safe privileged session management uses standard desktop tools such as PuTTY and Microsoft Terminal Services Client, ensuring administrators can leverage commonly used management tools without the need for Java. With Password Safe, administrators can:

  • Request RDP/SSH access to authorized systems only
  • Start sessions instantly, or via workflow
  • View any active privileged session, and if required, pause or terminate the session
  • Use keystroke indexing and full text search to pinpoint data, and then log an acknowledgement of the review for audit purposes
  • Avoid Java – Password Safe is a client-less solution with no agents required on the server
  • Fully integrate with native tools (MSTSC, PuTTY, MobaXterm etc.)
  • Gain full video recording with 100% accountability