One thing that troubles me when speaking to clients, from SMBs to truly global enterprises, is a number of times I see technology driving security strategies and not the business requirements. So many organizations work in silos and not co-ordinating their IT security strategy. It is important to understand WHY you are embarking on a particular security project and how this fits with the wider strategic goals of your company. This, of course, takes longer to start with but significantly shortens deployment life cycles and wasted effort.

After years of seeing IT projects fail and disaster after disaster play out in the media, I decided to write my first book, The Endpoint Security Paradox. In it, I share my experience in IT security, specifically focusing on implementation success and best practices to help improve organizational protection. I want to overcome some of the myths and cut through the noise to ensure businesses don’t needlessly fall prey to attack.

This book brings together my knowledge of deploying endpoint security (on both desktops and servers) to millions of endpoints across thousands of companies, including some the largest organizations on the planet.

For me, the biggest issue facing endpoint security projects is the tradeoff between security and usability. Both ends of the spectrum are easy to achieve. However, the balance between those seemingly polarized opposites is not.

The book is split into two distinct halves. Firstly, I look at security principles and pitfalls - ensuring the security foundations are laid correctly, in the context of a defense in depth strategy, whilst still enabling user freedom.

In the second half, I reveal best practices for design, planning, and implementation success. The implementation methodology used here has been tried and tested across hundreds of diverse organizations. I look at the challenges and considerations and help you build a plan for success. Obviously, every organization has a unique set of challenges but the desired result is common to all. Success!

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