Sandra Salame, Operations Manager at Crestan, talks about the benefits of a partnership with Avecto and discusses our successful Middle East roadshow featuring award-winning speaker and Microsoft MVP Sami Laiho.

Crestan is a value-added distributor and Avecto partner covering the Middle East and Africa region. It partners with global IT organizations across the territory with a market leading combination of technology, geographical spread, technical expertise and vendor support.

The benefits of partnership

Avecto and Crestan have been partners since early 2013, during which time the relationship has gone from strength-to-strength.

We spoke to Sandra Salame, Operations Manager at Crestan, to get her thoughts on the relationship with Avecto so far, our recent Middle East roadshow – with stops in KSA, Dubai and Lebanon – and her hopes for the future of the partnership.

Sandra started by talking about the roadshow, which offered an engaged audience the chance to see a live demonstration of the weaknesses of current customer environments by award-winning speaker and Microsoft MVP Sami Laiho.

She explained that attendees were “very impressed” with Sami’s demonstrations and came to realize that their environments are “really vulnerable” to cyber threats.

Sandra added, “We managed to make customers aware that there is a solution to their security problems. The whole roadshow aimed to pave the way for Avecto's three step approach, especially privilege management, by highlighting the threat excessive admin rights poses for enterprise security.

Riyadh 2

The Crestan and Avecto Middle East roadshow

“The Avecto team were extremely supportive and were the foundation of the roadshow's success. Before and after the roadshow, the Avecto team message was loud and clear: we are here and ready to support you – Crestan, customers, and partners and we are committed to developing a robust security product.”

Sandra explained that, as a value-added distributor, Crestan prides itself on carefully choosing the products in its portfolio and seeks innovative solutions that challenge IT trends.

“Avecto’s Defendpoint software is a disruptive security solution that has changed the paradigm of endpoint security from a traditionally reactive to a proactive approach. We reached out to Avecto initially for distribution rights because we’re very confident and aware of the strength of its solution and are strong promoters of its three-layered security defense,” she explained.

As Crestan’s endpoint security solution of choice, Defendpoint has elevated the company’s security dialogue with customers and has made such an impact that it now promotes it to all its enterprise customers.

Sandra described Defendpoint’s approach of being proactive, rather than reactive, as a “major advantage”.

“It has a unique action on the privilege management layer of security, which other security vendors in the endpoint protection space lack. It has differentiated itself from the privilege management vendors and entered the security space with its unique content isolation – effective yet simple – functionality,” she said.

Looking to the future, Crestan hopes to strengthen the partnership even further and increase the Avecto’s presence across the Middle East and Africa.

“We are looking forward to seeing the company and the product grow and have faith that its growth will be in the right direction with a focus on a complete endpoint security solution that can protect customer environments from all threats proactively with an increased visibility.”