As the IT service management (ITSM) industry matures and companies begin to climb the maturity ladder to enterprise service management, remote support can be an important solution to enable self-service and improve first-contact resolution rates—two leading indicators of employee experience (EX).

EX is a critical priority for digital transformation, or ITSM maturity, and is impacted by daily work experiences. It’s important that work flows from the beginning of the tech stack to the end, as well as through the enterprise, without friction.

So, how can remote support help your organization transform digitally and improve employee experience? You guessed it, by enabling self-service and allowing service desk technicians to more quickly resolve incidents.


Self-Service: the ability to complete a task or gather information independently.

As IT services modernize, the importance of self-service options for employees will continue to grow. Gartner suggests that organizations that neglect to focus on self-service will either fall behind and/or lack the agility to meet digital business needs of a demanding industry. “Self-service is becoming the norm as customers increasingly expect an effortless experience at scale," reports Gartner.

As self-help solutions gain traction, more IT departments respond to demand. A 2017 report from Service Desk Institute found that 73 percent of survey respondents anticipate a greater focus on end-user support experience and increased use of self-help portals in the next year.

With the integration of Cherwell Service Management (CSM) and BeyondTrust Remote Support, employees can launch a chat with a service desk agent directly from their Cherwell self-service portal. The agent can then remote into their computer and help resolve the incident as needed.

For more on self-service and the benefits of a self-service portal, read this blog from Cherwell’s VP of Product Marketing, Matt Klassen.

First Contact Resolution Rate (FCR)

First Contact Resolution Rate (FCR): The percent of contacts that are resolved by the service desk on the first interaction with the customer. For live calls or web chats, this means that the customer's issue is resolved before they hang up the phone or end the chat session.

People tend to be impatient when they want service. It doesn’t matter if they are calling their bank, going out to dinner, or talking to their service desk. Fast incident resolution is at the center of so many ITSM metrics, and remote support is a key part of a multi-channel contact center’s ability to speed time-to-resolution.

According to MetricNet’s benchmarking database, the average net FCR for service desks worldwide is about 74 percent—though this number varies widely, from 41 percent to 94 percent. Companies with higher first contact resolution rates generally have service desks staff equipped with tools like knowledge management systems and remote diagnostic capabilities, which enable agents to resolve more than 90 percent of eligible contacts on the first interaction with the customer.

The BeyondTrust Integration for Cherwell

Many times, obstacles such as disparate systems, fragmented data, manual service, and resource-intensive steps hamper ITSM organizations from effectively modernizing. With the Cherwell and BeyondTrust integration, many of these obstacles are removed, making it possible to visualize self-service in action, allowing employees to embark on the most efficient experience, saving time and costs for all parties. Here's how:

  • Cherwell Service Management (CSM) incidents automatically update with details from each BeyondTrust Remote Support session
  • BeyondTrust post-session survey results are automatically included in the CSM incident details
  • Service desk personnel can offer secure remote support and chat support capabilities live from any CSM module; end users can initiate via the Cherwell Self-Service platform

Interested in learning more about the integrated capabilities of BeyondTrust and Cherwell? Visit the BeyondTrust’s integrations page, or watch the Cherwell and BeyondTrust joint webinar: Employee Satisfaction—The Gold Standard of ITSM Metrics.

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