BeyondTrust has released version 5.5 of PowerBroker Password Safe, our solution for automating privileged password and privileged session management. This new release features some exciting enhancements – especially around threat analytics and SSH key management. Read on for more. Clarity Threat Analytics If you recall, we introduced Clarity Threat Analytics in BeyondInsight version 5.4. Clarity Threat Analytics correlates data from Retina CS Enterprise Vulnerability Management and other third-party vulnerability management solutions, privileged user and account data from PowerBroker for Windows and PowerBroker for UNIX and Linux, and threat data from the PowerBroker Endpoint Protection Platform. With version 5.5, however, BeyondInsight now supports data feeds from PowerBroker Password Safe, which enables the patent-pending Clarity Threat Analytics engine to analyze privileged password, user and account behavior. Since many exploits involve the abuse of privileged credentials in concert with a vulnerability, this integration makes it easier for customers to uncover emerging risks in the organization, pinpoint specific at-risk systems, report on the findings, and take action to eliminate the threat. Simplified SSH Key Management Let’s face it: Traditional methods of SSH key management are very labor intensive. Because of this, many organizations don’t properly rotate their keys. As well, it is common practice for administrators to share keys. Between the lack of rotation and the sharing of keys, organizations lose accountability over their systems which could lead to those systems being vulnerable to exploits. With version 5.5, PowerBroker Password Safe has simplified this process, automatically rotating keys according to a defined schedule and enforcing granular access control and workflow to access SSH keys. In addition to key management capabilities, private keys that are stored in Password Safe can be leveraged to automatically log users onto UNIX or Linux systems through the proxy with no user exposure to the key. If SSH key authentication fails through the proxy, session authentication can failover to a managed password for complete redundancy. Considering that 57% of companies have few or no tools or processes in place to protect against privilege misuse on tier 1 UNIX and Linux systems, we believe this capability greatly simplifies the management and secures the use of SSH keys for better control, accountability and security. There are several more enhancements and new features in this release of PowerBroker Password Safe – including new platform support, new workflow and reporting options, and a simpler process to map user and administrator accounts. Check out the new features document for a complete rundown. Want to know more about PowerBroker Password Safe 5.5? Join us for a live webinar with Password Safe Product Manager, Martin Cannard. He will giving an overview of Password Safe and why your organization needs Enterprise Password Management. He will also review the the new Threat Analytics and SSH Key Management capabilities. Watch On-Demand | April 17, 2015 | 12pm PT / 3pm ET (If you can't make it, register anyway and we will email you a link to the recording!)