What is Enterprise Password Management Software?

Enterprise Password Management refers to the practice and techniques of securely controlling credentials for privileged accounts, services, systems, applications, and more. Also known as Privileged Password Management, these solutions reduce risk by identifying, securely storing, and centrally managing every elevated access credential.

Enterprise Password Management is essential for a simple reason.

Credentials are often stored insecurely or in plain text, such as on sticky notes or in shared spreadsheets. Even once secure passwords can be forgotten, non-compliant, repeated, or simply shared with the wrong person, increasing the risk of a data breach.

How Privileged Password Management Reduces Cybersecurity Risk

Enterprise password managers reduce the risks associated with privileged credential compromise by safeguarding access to privileged account passwords and SSH Keys. This provides full control over system and application access through live session management. Admins are able to record, lock, and document suspicious behavior with the ability to lock or terminate sessions.

Use our Privileged Password Management solution to access features designed to immediately shrink your attack surface following deployment. These include:

  • Eliminating embedded and default credentials in scripts and applications used for automation and associated with machine identities.
  • Consistently enforcing strong password policies for humans and machines, protecting your organization from password re-use attacks and other password exploits.
  • Session management and recorded interactive sessions for future playback, training, and identification of inappropriate activity.
  • Just-in-time access to privileged accounts to eliminate standing privileges and always-on privileged accounts.

View Our Password Management Software in Action

Watch this demo of BeyondTrust Password Safe to see our Privileged Password Management software at work in a real-world scenario.

Privileged Password Management, Explained

Learn more about how Privileged Password Management is defined and executed inside this explanatory whitepaper.

Privileged Password Management vs. "Password Managers” or “Password Vaults”

Dedicated Password Management and Password Vault software gets the job done when it comes to managing and storing passwords or enabling single sign-on. However, their functionality often starts and ends at the passwords themselves.

An Enterprise Password Management solution like BeyondTrust Privileged Password Management goes beyond the scope of a traditional corporate password manager. Features that ease the navigation, management, and auditing of complex credential ecosystems ultimately increase enterprise and business password security.

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