Founded in 2014,Chili Security provides IT support to private users and small businesses across Denmark. Today, Chili Security is the go-to-technical helpline for more than 100,000 customers. In addition to providing troubleshooting and support for hardware and software, Chili Security also offers cybersecurity solutions, such as AV, to protect against cyberthreats, as well as online privacy protection. Additionally, Chili Security also offers its customers online cloud storage and file sharing options.

Prior to using BeyondTrust, Chili Security used TeamViewer for remote support. However, TeamViewer lacked the scalability and enterprise security needed to support the company’s fast-growing customer base. The TeamViewer solution was slow and required cumbersome manual processes that also introduced security risk, such as having to copy and paste customers’ passwords and session IDs. Consequently, Chili Security initiated its search for a remote support solution that offered more advanced features and a strong focus on security.

One of the key differentiators Chili appreciated with the BeyondTrust solution was its ability to record every remote session and produce a detailed audit trail. This capability provides material for session analysis and training to support Chili Security’s mission to deliver world-class service.

Chili Security was also impressed with the customization features, such as Canned Scripts, available with the BeyondTrust solution. For instance, with one click, BeyondTrust’s Canned Scripts automatically runs a pre-programmed script to solve common IT issues and executes the commands necessary to the customers’ computer to resolve the issue in just seconds. These types of BeyondTrust features enhance productivity by cutting time spent on manual processes.

Choosing and deploying BeyondTrust Cloud for Remote Support enabled Chili Security to reduce infrastructure costs, improve support and security without capital outlay, and provide scalability for growth.

As Michale Hede, Technical Leader at Chili Security, assessed, “Given Chili Security’s rapid growth, we estimate that if we hadn’t made the switch to BeyondTrust, we would need four times the employees we have now to service our expanding customer base,” “BeyondTrust’s automated features make it possible for each technician to handle more jobs, reducing labor costs.”

By switching from TeamViewer to BeyondTrust, Chili Security is ultimately more strongly poised to deliver on its mission to provide world-class service with seamless, secure, high-quality remote support.

“It is rare to find a company like BeyondTrust that matches the support level we provide our own customers. BeyondTrust’s support is beyond excellent,” Hede said. “We are extremely happy we made the switch to BeyondTrust from TeamViewer.”

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