Company Snapshot

Chili Security provides technology support to private users and small businesses in Denmark. Working with a business-to-consumer subscription model that allows customers to call for help with any IT problem, today Chili Security is the go-to-technical helpline for more than 100,000 customers.

The company supports hardware issues for computers, printers, routers and other connected devices, as well as software issues with Microsoft Word, email and Skype. Chili Security also offers help with virus protection for cyber security threats, online privacy protection and computer hacking.

Michael Hede, Technical Leader at Chili Security, heads up the tech support team.

Use Case

Prior to using BeyondTrust, Chili Security used TeamViewer for its remote support assistance. However, TeamViewer didn’t offer the scalability needed to support the company’s fast-growing customer base. Additionally, there were concerns with TeamViewer’s security measures. Chili Security began looking for a remote support solution with more advanced features and a high-level focus on security.

How We Chose BeyondTrust

Chili Security’s mission to deliver world-class service, and the biggest selling point when evaluating BeyondTrust was its ability to record every remote session and form a detailed audit trail. This capability provides material for session analysis and training to support. Canned Scripts customization is another feature that sold the company on BeyondTrust, as it saves a tremendous amount of time when helping customers.

"It is rare to find a company like BeyondTrust that matches the support level we provide our own customers. BeyondTrust's support is beyond excellent. We are extremely happy we made the switch to BeyondTrust from TeamViewer."

Michael Hede, Technical Leader

Our BeyondTrust Product

BeyondTrust Remote Support enables scalable, secure support for a world class service experience. Chili Security regularly uses a few key BeyondTrust features:

Our Success and Future Plans

Given Chili Security’s rapid growth, the company estimates that if it hadn’t made the switch to BeyondTrust, it would need four times the employees it has now to service its expanding customer base.

“BeyondTrust's automated features make it possible for each technician to handle more jobs, reducing labor costs,” said Hede.

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