Remote Support Software for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS

Securely access and support any device or system, anywhere in the world. Sign-up for a free trial of Remote Support, formerly Bomgar, to try it out.

Instant Remote Support from Anywhere

Support all of your systems over the web, even if they are behind firewalls you don’t control. Robust features including remote control & screen sharing, unattended access, annotations, file sharing, and camera sharing. This delivers support to end-users and their devices as if technicians were there in-person.

BeyondTrust Remote Support software works across Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Chrome OS. Access and control any remote computer or device, on or off the network—no VPN required.

Highlighted Remote Support Features:

Security & Remote Support Without Compromise

Advanced authentication and permissions controls, remote session logging and forensics, securely accessed remote connections, and military grade architecture segmentation. These features allow BeyondTrust Remote Support to deliver best-in-class support experiences without lapsing enterprise security postures—or impacting business speeds.

Businesses today must not only meet increasingly stringent company security policies, but are also subject to industry compliance mandates such as HIPAA or PCI. With BeyondTrust's remote support software, focus on solving user problems, not security concerns.

Monitor IT Support & Performance in Real Time

The Real Time Dashboard for Remote Support is the easiest way to get a live view of your help desk. This helps support reps or teams who are overloaded or may even have extra capacity. Quickly access top level KPIs including session counts, waiting sessions, longest wait time, and an updated tally of logged-in and available reps.

Support Any Remote Desktop, Server, or Mobile Device

Remote support software that extends to all of your systems over the web, even if they are behind firewalls you don’t control. All supported platforms are included in the core product, so you can consolidate and standardize support, improving incident handling time and support rep productivity.

BeyondTrust Remote Support also works across Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Chrome OS. Centrally access and control any remote computer or device, on-or-off the network, without depending on a VPN.

Multiple Remote Support Deployment Options

BeyondTrust Remote Support has deployments catered to the unique demands of your business or industry. Choose from physical or virtual appliances, both of which have helped enterprises satisfy regulatory requirements for years. The unique segmentation capabilities of our cloud deployment provides the flexibility of a cloud deployment without forcing compromises on security or compliance.

Find Vulnerable Remote Access Tools in Your Environment

The Privileged Access Discovery Application finds privileged accounts, SSH keys, services, and remote access tools causing vulnerabilities in your environment.

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