Our Appliance-as-a-Service offers Cloud without Compromise

BeyondTrust Cloud for Remote Support provides you with the features and functionality of BeyondTrust Remote Support in a cloud deployment. Capabilities include remote control of computers and mobile devices, chat support, skills-based routing, ITSM integration, smart collaboration, embeddable chat and support components, and reporting insights. BeyondTrust Cloud can help reduce your infrastructure costs, lessen the load on IT personnel, and improve support delivery without capital outlay.

*BeyondTrust Cloud is not available in all regions. Please, contact sales for availability.

USER CAPACITY 1000 Concurrent Licenses maximum
JUMP TECHNOLOGY CAPACITY Up to 4,000 Active Jump Clients
REDUNDANCY Defined by Bomgar Cloud infrastructure 1
INTEGRATION API for Custom Integrations, Database integration and API Extraction Tool, Microsoft SQL Server, ITSM Integrations (compatible)
DEPLOYMENT Bomgar Cloud Appliance
  1. The BeyondTrust Cloud infrastructure is spread across several Tier 3 or higher data centers. All datacenters leverage advanced electrical and cooling systems and N+1 redundancy with uninterruptable power solutions and generator backup.

No Compromise on Cloud Security

BeyondTrust Cloud offers more environmental segmentation than is available with traditional software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployments. Each BeyondTrust Cloud instance is a single-tenant virtual appliance. Your data remains totally separate from other cloud customers, and you control how your instance is used based on your requirements.

All BeyondTrust Cloud data centers in use have achieved ISO/IEC 27001 certification of its information security management systems. Additionally all data centers have completed the following examinations: SOC II Type 1, SSAE 16, SOC 1 Type II, and SOC 2 Type II.

How Does BeyondTrust Cloud Work?

Firewalls are designed to block incoming traffic. That is why traditional remote desktop tools (RDP, VNC, pcAnywhere, Dameware and others) require firewall configuration changes in order to work over the internet. BeyondTrust does not require changes to your firewall because both the remote computer and the technician offering remote support connect to the Bomgar through outbound connections.

If the remote computer can connect to the internet, support reps can connect to it through BeyondTrust without the use of VPN. In the case of closed networks, a single internet-connected BeyondTrust node can enable an off-network remote technician to connect to network devices and desktops that are not themselves connected to the internet.

BeyondTrust connects support reps with remote desktops, servers, laptops and network devices wherever they are. Support reps can see the screen, control the mouse and work as if physically in front of the remote desktop, speeding time to resolution. BeyondTrust can even let you gain remote control of computers not connected to the internet.

Support reps can use BeyondTrust to support remote iPad, iPhone, and Android devices, and also lets technicians control remote desktops from their iPad, iPhone or Android tablet.

BeyondTrust logs and records every session. All session data is guarded by encryption. After most support sessions BeyondTrust uninstalls, leaving no footprint on the remote desktop.