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BeyondTrust + Oracle

Providing accountability for privileged user activity across your server infrastructure is critical, and can be easily addressed through some simple best practices. In this white paper, Bullet-Proof Your Enterprise Linux Environment we outline these best practices and offer a solution to this pervasive dilemma.

Bullet Proof Your Enterprise Linux

Join BeyondTrust, an Oracle Linux partner, as we discuss the challenges involved in securing an enterprise Linux environment.

As the global leader in privileged account and threat management, we will also discuss best practices on using a least privilege, centralized approach.

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BeyondTrust and Oracle have a long history of partnership providing Security and Compliance for Virtual and Cloud Computing Infrastructure . The combination of PowerBroker with Oracle VM and Oracle Linux offers customers the ability to configure and enforce granular policies related to delegated systems privileges, to monitor and record privileged system activity down to the keystroke, and to report on privileged entitlements. This solution provides customers with tangible benefits that include better efficiency in managing their virtual hypervisor and guest deployments, enhanced compliance and reporting to meet industry-specific requirements, and better security of mission critical systems, data and applications.

The combination of BeyondTrust and Oracle technology helps remove key obstacles for enterprises which can lead to wider adoption of virtual and cloud infrastructure for mission critical data and applications.

“The joint Linux solutions from BeyondTrust and Oracle promote reliable and secure IT implementations in the market. BeyondTrust is now certified on the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel for Oracle Linux which means that customers can now use PowerBroker Servers on a modern operating system that provides the latest innovations in the market.” – Brad Hibbert, Executive VP of Product Engineering, BeyondTrust.

Oracle Joint Solution
"The joint Linux solutions from BeyondTrust and Oracle promote reliable and
secure IT implementations in the market."
Brad Hibbert, Vice President, Product Strategy and Operations BeyondTrust.

"The BeyondTrust PowerBroker security solution for Oracle Linux and Oracle VM enhances our mutual customers' enterprise applications environment. Together, we offer our customers a proven and robust operating system and virtualization environment that is fully tested, secure, and compliant, perfect for their virtual and cloud-based deployment." Monica Kumar, Senior Director for Oracle Linux, Virtualization and MySQL Marketing.



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