The Only Remote Support Tool Needed

If you're using ConnectWise, it's probably not the only remote support tool being used on your network. Companies (and employees themselves) adopt multiple remote tools—simply because no single tool does it all.

BeyondTrust Remote Support is different. Support everything — computers, mobile devices, hardware, and peripherals — with one, secure solution. In addition, BeyondTrust Remote Support is the only solution in its class to have achieved FedRAMP moderate in-progress designation, a testament to a secure architecture built with zero trust in mind.

Increasingly, threat actors are exploiting vulnerabilities and security weaknesses in remote access and control tools, so it's critically important to equip your service desk with an enterprise solution built to withstand cyber threats, co-option by attackers, and even misuse by technicians.

Here are some of the key features that help differentiate Remote Support from ScreenConnect and other products:

ConnectWise: Screen Connect vs. BeyondTrust Features

Critical Remote Support Capabilities Description BeyondTrust ConnectWise
Remote Control View screen and control the endpoint
Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) Natively implements zero trust access, including implementing granular least privilege
Unattended Access Ability to install a persistent client on frequently-accessed devices
2FA & SSO Enable native Two-Factor Authentication (2-FA) and Single Sign-On or via integration
Credential Vaulting & Injection Provide a native cloud vault to manage technician credentials and enforce identity security best practices
Monitoring & Reporting View session logs and full session recordings; View, pause, or terminate active sessions
Intelligent Routing Automatically assign incoming sessions according to criteria entered in issue submission form and/or rep session load
Customizations Enable branding and customization of public portal and customer client

The deciding factor for us was that we wanted to implement remote support according to the highest security criteria. The data should not leave the Bechtle network.

Markus Sigle, IT Service Specialist, Bechtle

Free Remote Support Software Comparison Guide

After meeting the requirements of over 20,000 customers, we've got a pretty good idea of the common requirements businesses have for their remote support software. Our free product evaluation guide will help you compare BeyondTrust Remote Support to alternatives. The spreadsheet lists the most common requirements for remote support software. Our part is filled out, and there are blanks for the other products you're evaluating. We've done a lot of the work for you!

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