Coffee Shop Kerfuffle

The hybrid workplace is a “Cybersecurity Nightmare.” The Wall Street Journal characterizes it as “a hacker’s dream—a constantly changing mix of office and remote workers, devices that move in and out of the company networks, and security staffs stretched thin.”

Coffee Shop Kerfuffle dramatizes this reality, as an unsuspecting sheep employee works from the local coffee house.

Baa Baa Fake Sheep

The identity challenge is the most important security problem for organizations to solve across cloud and on-premises environments. And no identities are more critical to protect than privileged identities — whether associated with humans or machines, employees or vendors, and whether they are persistent or ephemeral.

Baa Baa Fake Sheep is a metaphor for the ways cybercriminals use stolen credentials and identities to access corporate networks. Luckily, this network has BeyondTrust as a trusted protector.

Vendor Pretender

Are your contractors and vendors a critical threat vector? If they have privileged access to critical assets, they are. A vendor with too much access can cause a lot of damage.

However, in Vendor Pretender, a wolf in sheep's clothing discovers that companies protected by BeyondTrust are a bit harder to crack.

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