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Demo: Darkside Ransomware vs. BeyondTrust Privilege Management

Most attacks occur and grow in severity due to mismanaged user privileges—so what impact does removing or heightening control over user privileges actually have on deterring potential ransomware breaches?

James Maude, Lead Cyber Security Researcher at BeyondTrust, decided to put this question to the test. In this demonstration, James pits BeyondTrust's Privilege Management solutions against Darkside's ransomware itself.

Tune into to observe how Windows and Mac users with BeyondTrust fare when compared to the fate of users without BeyondTrust.

Watch: Reduce Risks of Ransomware with Least Privilege Controls

In a world full of ransomware, there is one beacon of hope — the principle of least privilege.

Watch this technical product clinic to explore how BeyondTrust's Privilege Management solution applies least privilege controls to drastically decrease the risks and impact of ransomware attacks. Learn how to:

  • Allow users to effectively do their jobs and avoid culture shock after the removal of admin rights
  • Elevate privileges to allow known applications to run and provide privilege to the task and not the user
  • Provide pragmatic application control to understand and define the perfect workspace environment for all standard users

Cybersecurity Survival Guide

Many of the workplace changes accelerated by the pandemic are expected to endure, and a more durable hybrid work environment is taking root. The hybrid workplace has been called a "cybersecurity nightmare,” and "a hacker’s dream". We have created this guide to help you understand the shifting threatscape and the security strategies and technologies you can put in place to mitigate the risks, while positioning your organization to safely reap the benefits of digital transformation (DX) and remote working.

Explore the annually-updated Cybersecurity Survival Guide to explore:

  1. Research-backed data and anecdotes illustrating how the attack surface is changing
  2. Analysis of how the threat actor’s path of least resistance is shifting
  3. A dissection of several world-shaking breaches over the past year and how they could have been dismantled at multiple steps
  4. Survival tips that will enable you to adapt, close security gaps, and reduce risk—all while achieving business benefits from the opportunities presented by the new normal

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