Knowledge Enables Success

Gain the foundational knowledge needed to administer, configure, and utilize your BeyondTrust solution for optimum performance. BeyondTrust University training is designed to maximize the value of your BeyondTrust solutions by educating your users on best practices for configuring and using our products.

Ideal for help desk analysts, support professionals and managers, this course provides a solid understanding of the Representative Console, and what your customer sees during a support session. During the half-day course, your support representatives will become knowledgeable in session initiation, troubleshooting tools, session management and other support features. As a result, reps gain confidence and greater efficiency when initiating sessions and resolving customer issues.

This course is available in the following formats:

  • Private Virtual - 4 hours
  • Private On-site - 4 hours
  • eLearning - Self-paced, 4 hours

All courses come with manuals, virtual lab environments, and access to BeyondTrust University’s education portal. Private sessions have up to 10 seats available.

Enterprise-wide eLearning licenses are available.

  • Setup and Installation – Console setup and installation, a brief overview, and how to log in
  • Session Initiation – Using Click-to-Chat, attended and unattended session initiation options, public portal overview, and session initiation from the customer’s perspective
  • Representative Console Basics – Managing queues and sessions, screen sharing, session elevation, and chat tool utilization
  • Session Management Tools – Screen sharing tools, file transfer, using command shell and canned scripts, accessing system information, and representative collaboration
  • Mastering the Representative Console – Using Jump technology to access attended and unattended systems, supporting mobile devices and platforms, and accessing reports

Console Certification

Participants who successfully complete the Remote Support Console for Users training are eligible to take the associated BeyondTrust Certification exam.

Unit 1: Laying the Foundation
Lesson 1: Course Overview and Objectives
Lesson 2: How Remote Support Works
Lesson 3: Client Types
Lesson 4: Representative Console Installation
Lesson 5: Representative Console Overview
Unit 2: Support Sessions
Lesson 1: Session Initiation Methods
Lesson 2: Attended - Public Site
Lesson 3: Attended - Support Button
Lesson 4: Click-to-Chat
Lesson 5: Unattended - Jump Clients
Lesson 6: Unattended - Other Jump Methods
Lesson 7: Accepting Sessions
Lesson 8: End the Session
Lesson 9: Surveys
Lesson 10: Mobile Device Support
Unit 3: Session Tools
Lesson 1: Session Control
Lesson 2: Chat Features
Lesson 3: Elevation
Lesson 4: Collaboration
Lesson 5: Screen Sharing
Lesson 6: File Transfer
Lesson 7: Command Shell
Lesson 8: System Information
Lesson 9: Registry Access
Unit 4: Representative Tools
Lesson 1: Rep-to-Rep Collaboration
Lesson 2: Dashboard
Lesson 3: Adjust Representative Preferences
Lesson 4: Support Button Management
Lesson 5: Reporting
Supplementary Material
APPENDIX A: Glossary
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