Knowledge Enables Success

Gain the foundational knowledge needed to administer, configure, and utilize your BeyondTrust solution for optimum performance. Subscription training includes on-demand eLearning and instructor-led workshops that provide a strong foundation for understanding your implementation and learning best practices for configuring and administering Endpoint Privilege Management for Windows & Mac. Live workshops will put you in a focused training session with specialized instructors, allowing for real-time feedback and answers to your questions.

New content is regularly added as new software versions are released, so you can anticipate and get the greatest value from product changes and enhancements. The materials are updated continuously to ensure you make the most of the recommendations and insights into product features and best practice use cases.

Endpoint Privilege Management for Windows & Mac are ideal for security professionals who need to learn about security risks, the role and benefits of Least Privilege, the user experience with Privilege Management, and the components of its framework.

  • Configuration and Control – Learn how to configure policies and how to create application control through workstyles and application groups.
  • Achieve Least Privilege – Remove excessive end-user privileges on Window, Mac, and network devices without hindering productivity.
  • Control Authorization Requests – Maintain security, user productivity, and IT operational efficiency by enforcing least privilege across the Window & Mac environment.
  • Endpoint Privilege Management for Cloud (EPM-C) - Learn the components and steps necessary to deploy and properly configure the endpoint Client to successfully communicate with EPM-C.

What’s New

Discover the newest features and updates to EPM Windows and Mac Subscription training.

Introduction & Core Knowledge

Gain the foundational knowledge necessary to get started with Endpoint Privilege Management for Windows & Mac. You will be introduced to EPM’S core concepts, installation, policy components, and policy designs.

Use Cases

Discover use cases on standard behaviors of authorize, passive and block. Practice how to apply the components in our lab environment and scenario simulations.

Advanced Topics & Additional Resources

Discover advanced features as well as topics like troubleshooting, Cloud overview, and reporting that might apply to special use cases in your organization. Also, expand your knowledge with the variety of live workshops led by our BTU Instructors.

This training includes continuously updated on-demand eLearning and instructor-led as well as a hands-on lab environment. Make the most of the recommendations and insights into product features and best practice use-cases based on your schedule.

BeyondTrust University offers Administration certification and CPE credits with the included certification exam. Earn your certifications by completing the required learning paths and passing the accompanying exam. You will have access to knowledge checks along the way, along with other resources such as the lab environment and live instructor-led workshops to help prepare you to successfully earn your certification.

CPE Certification Credits

Participants who successfully complete the Endpoint Privilege Management for Windows or Mac Subscription training are eligible to take the associated BeyondTrust Certification exam. Earn up to 16 hours for Windows and/or 8 hours for MacOS of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits.

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