Knowledge Enables Success

Gain the foundational knowledge needed to administer, configure, and utilize your BeyondTrust solution for optimum performance. BeyondTrust University training is designed to maximize the value of your BeyondTrust solutions by educating your users on best practices for configuring and using our products.

This course is designed for the IT security professional tasked with installation, administering, monitoring and reporting on Privilege Management for Unix & Linux. Students learn how to install the products components, identify and edit configuration files, create policy for privilege delegation, install the components needed for I/O log review, and use the Analytics and Reporting from within BeyondInsight.

  • Initial Configuration – Learn how to install and configure BeyondInsight for Unix & Linux and the Privilege Management for Unix & Linux software suite for your environment.
  • Deploy Policies – See how to configure script-based or role-based policies and deploy them using the policy editor.
  • Reports and Auditing – Review your event logs and investigate activity, including the Advanced Control and Audit (ACA) feature.

This course is available in these formats:

  • Private Virtual - 15 hours over 3 days
  • Private On-site - 2 days

All courses come with manuals, virtual lab environments, and access to BeyondTrust University’s education portal. Private sessions have up to 10 seats available.

Participants who successfully complete the Privilege Management for Unix & Linux training are eligible to take the associated BeyondTrust Certification exam. Earn up to 15 hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits.

Unit 1: Introduction
Unit 2: Architecture & Installation
Lesson 1: Understand the Key Components of the Solution
Lesson 2: Install all Components on a Linux Host
Unit 3 – Configure Basic Policy
Lesson 1: Identifying the Key Configuration Files
Lesson 2: Create and Verify a New Policy
Unit 4 – Privilege Delegation
Lesson 1: Policy Precedence and Order of Processing
Lesson 2: Privilege Delegation Use Cases
Unit 5 – Auditing & Logging
Lesson 1: Understanding the Auditing and Logging Capabilities
Lesson 2: Review Event Logs
Lesson 3: Use the Replay Utility to Investigate I/O Log Activity
Unit 6 – Integration
Lesson 1: Configure Solr for I/O Log Indexing and Search
Lesson 2: Review Audit Data from BeyondInsight
Lesson 3: Configure with Sudo
Unit 7 – Final Configuration
Lesson 1: Policy Structure
Lesson 2: Policy Use Cases
Lesson 3: Advanced Control and Audit
Lesson 4: Authentication
Lesson 5: Failover
Lesson 6: Additional Product Integrations
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