Knowledge Enables Success

Gain the foundational knowledge needed to administer, configure, and utilize your BeyondTrust solution for optimum performance. BeyondTrust University training is designed to maximize the value of your BeyondTrust solutions by educating your users on best practices for configuring and using our products.

The Password Safe for Users course is ideal for training privileged users on the Web Portal and their day-to-day use of Password Safe. During the course your privileged users will become knowledgeable in password rotation, session management, and navigating our BeyondInsight Web Portal.

Password Safe for Users is available for on-demand consumption, so your users can engage in eLearning at their own pace, available 24x7. This format is ideal for new hires and individuals needing to come up to speed quickly.

Enterprise-wide eLearning licenses are also available.

  • Navigating the Web Portal – Familiarize learners with using local accounts and showing AD login.
  • Password Access – Request and retrieve passwords using Password Safe.
  • Account Grid – Prioritize and navigate the information important to your organization.
  • Session Usage – Learn to use the Password Safe console to request SSH & RDP Sessions.

Participants who successfully complete the Password Safe User training are eligible to take the associated BeyondTrust Certification exam.

Welcome & Overview
Lesson 1: Password Safe Overview
Lesson 2: Accessing the Web Portal
Lesson 3: Navigating the Web Portal
Password & Session Management
Lesson 1: Methods for Requesting Sessions
Lesson 2: Retrieving and Viewing Passwords
Lesson 3: Checking in Requests
Lesson 4: Requesting and Initiating RDP Sessions
Lesson 5: Requesting and Initiating SSH Sessions
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