Stop Attacks by Removing Excessive Privileges on Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux, and Networked Devices

It’s Time to Shift to a Preventative Endpoint Security Approach

With remote working now the norm, traditional endpoint security is evolving. Watch the demo or download the guide to learn more.

Achieve True Least Privilege on Day 1

Removing admin rights doesn't have to be hard. And you don't need weeks or months to implement it. BeyondTrust Quick Start Policies are flexible, out-of-the-box workstyles that let you immediately eliminate admin rights for everyone on day 1 without disrupting the business. BeyondTrust protects your estate right away, allowing you to analyze behavior and refine policies as you go.

Our built-in policies are based on experience thousands of deployments across even the most complex organizations. This rapid on-boarding process means you can remove overnight without productivity loss.

Templates work for all users, from the least privileged desktop user to advanced developers and sysadmins.

Stop Endpoint Attacks Involving Trusted Applications

Many cyber attacks target trusted applications. Trusted applications remain a threat even if you've removed admin rights. Attackers can use script-based malware in Office documents and PowerShell to conduct file-less attacks and evade detection.

The pre-built templates within Trusted Applications Protection stop attacks involving trusted apps, catching bad scripts and infected email attachments immediately.

Use it to protect trusted applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe Reader, common web browsers, and more by controlling their child processes and DLLs.

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