Discover Scenarios and Solutions for Privileged Password Management

The use of stolen credentials ranked as the number one action variety in data breaches in 2017 (source: 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report), and organizations continue to make it easy for attackers.

For instance, many IT organizations use shared accounts for users, administrators, or applications so that when access is needed to do their jobs, everyone can easily pitch in. However, in even the smallest environments, sharing of credentials can pose an out-sized security risk. And password security lapses like this continue to add up to big exploits.

Reining in control of ALL of your enterprise passwords is a critical piece in thwarting cyberthreats.

Download this guide to help your team identify and prioritize the critical use cases for privileged password and privileged session management across your environment. Also, gain practical insights into how our PowerBroker Password Safe solution can help you meet your needs.