KuppingerCole Recommends a Holistic Privilege Management Approach to Address Internal and External Threats

When organizations stitch together sudo and other tools as part of a fragmented approach to manage Unix/Linux privileged access, it almost invariably results in dangerous security gaps and management limitations.

This places those organizations at a serious disadvantage when facing modern attacks and motivated adversaries, as well as when trying to enable new technologies across the business.

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KuppingerCole's Top 5 Recommendations for Implementing Privileged Access Management

Privilege management is more than managing shared accounts

In this research paper, KuppingerCole provides their top-5 recommendations for effectively implementing privileged access management. Get this paper now and learn:

  • The key components and definitions for modern privilege management (privileged password management, privilege elevation/delegation, least privilege enforcement, privileged session management, etc.)
  • The shortcomings of sudo and other point solutions, and why an integrated approach is essential
  • How to apply PAM to solve critical security challenges for users, services, and applications, across Unix/Linux environments
  • How the BeyondTrust PAM solutions holistically address privileged access security needs via an extensible, integrated platform
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"The BeyondTrust family of products comes with tight integration and a broad set of capabilities, supporting a variety of platforms and delivering in-depth control for Unix and Linux environments."

Martin Kuppinger, KuppingerCole Report: Integrating Password and Privilege Management for Unix and Linux Systems

Comprehensive, Integrated Privileged Access Management

BeyondTrust’s Privileged Access Management platform provides visibility and control over all privileged accounts, users, and access.

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