Mac Support

Remote desktop support for, or from, Mac systems with no pre-installed software client

Remote Desktop Support Software for Mac

BeyondTrust has supported Mac OS X since 2007. And, unlike some remote support solutions that stop with basic support, BeyondTrust offers largely the same functionality for Mac as it does for Windows. Without BeyondTrust, support organizations must settle for patched-together solutions, limited functionality and awkward connection processes if they need to support a Mac outside the company firewall. With BeyondTrust, remote Mac support is integrated into all your other support systems and processes.

See and control remote computers, no matter the OS

Remote Desktop from Mac to PCs or Mobile Devices

Your Mac support reps probably want to run Mac themselves.

With BeyondTrust, support reps can offer remote support from Mac OS X to any other platform BeyondTrust supports. Reps who run Mac can control Windows, Mac and Linux systems. They can also support mobile devices, including iPad, iPhone, and Android.

With BeyondTrust, your support technicians can:

  • Support Macs over the Web without VPN
  • Access attended or unattended Macs
  • Remote control with no pre-installed client
  • Fix one system while another reboots
  • Access all systems involved in an issue

System Requirements for Mac Support

Customer System

  • Mac OS X 10.6 - macOS 10.13

Technician System

  • OS X 10.9 - macOS 10.13