Shell Jump™ Enables Secure SSH, Telnet and Command Shell Remote Access

Access network devices
Diagram: How Shell Jump Works

Shell Jump gives technicians remote access to SSH-enabled or Telnet-enabled devices via a Jumpoint, allowing command line access to the remote system.

By including SSH/Telnet with its other capabilities, BeyondTrust replaces multiple software tools, letting you consolidate remote support on one solution.

Centrally Manage User Access Privileges to Network Devices

Security Providers Include LDAP, AD, RADIUS and Kerberos
Security Providers Include LDAP, AD, RADIUS and Kerberos

While you could use tools, such as PuTTy or Terminal, for remote access to network devices, these tools make user access management difficult.

Traditional remote access tools are individually configured and have no central user access management. They do not integrate with LDAP or other methods of user validation.

BeyondTrust integrates with LDAP, Active Directory, RADIUS and Kerberos which means you can centrally control users' access privileges and require secure authentication before enabling remote access. You can also store passwords in your enterprise vault and inject credentials during remote sessions.

Granularly Define Shell Jump Policies

Define Shell Jump policies at a granular level

Shell Jump also lets you set access parameters to remote devices. With Shell Jump, you can

  • Allow open, limited or provisioned access to network devices
  • Allow access only to those targets/hosts that you specify
  • Manage which provisioned hosts are accessible
  • Manage private keys and host keys for provisioned SSH devices

Centralize Your Audit Trail

Each new remote access tool used creates its own silo of data that must be audited. Some tools - such as PuTTY, Terminal, RDP, VNC, etc. - have very sparse logging capabilities.

But BeyondTrust creates a detailed audit record, including video recordings, of every remote access session performed through Shell Jump. This gives managers and information security teams critical visibility into remote support activity.

Because BeyondTrust also supports Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices (Android and iOS) - in addition to network devices - it can consolidate support for the entire organization.

Consolidating Remote Access Improves Support Rep Productivity

Shell Jump for Secure SSH, Telnet and Command Shell Access

Standardizing the remote support toolset also improves support rep productivity. Instead of familiarizing themselves with multiple remote support tools, technicians can use the interface they already know.

Combining Shell Jump with Other Features

Consolidating your toolset also enables time-saving feature combinations.

Shell Jump with Scripts and Multi-System Control: Access multiple remote network devices simultaneously, then run a script that automates a standard change.

Shell Jump with Session Recording: Record steps for a network-wide change, then let incoming shifts play the video prior to rolling out the change.

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