Many support incidents require you to transfer files between computers. You often find yourself replacing bad files (corrupt, outdated, malware) with good ones. But neither email nor FTP can guarantee file transfer security. And using software-as-a-service remote support vendors or file-sharing services means you’re sending files through a third-party server, potentially coming in conflict with industry regulations. BeyondTrust’s appliance-based remote support software gives you the secure file transfer capabilities you need.

BeyondTrust’s appliance-based remote support software gives you secure file transfer. Each file you transfer is routed through the award-winning BeyondTrust Appliance, secured with 256-AES SSL encryption. So you can rest assured that file transfers are protected from outside threats. And since BeyondTrust is a secure, on-premise appliance, all data stays internal to your company.

File transfer, like most BeyondTrust features, functions the same way no matter what operating system is running on your computer or the remote desktop. BeyondTrust supports Windows, Mac and multiple Linux distributions with near parity. You’ll have a standard support interface even when supporting unfamiliar systems.

Sometimes you need to transfer files to the mobile devices you support. With BeyondTrust, you can transfer files from Windows, Mac or Linux systems to Android and iOS devices. During a remote support session involving Android or iOS devices, you can browse limited areas of the remote file system and transfer files.

Administrators Control File Transfer Permissions

BeyondTrust gives administrators granular access control over what reps can do when supporting users remotely. File transfer is completely permission-based. Administrators can grant full access to the systems reps support or they can define permissions for relevant files and directories.

Administrators can also limit file transfer permissions to allow reps only upload or download privileges to prevent reps having full control of the remote file system.

Administrators can apply file transfer permissions to individual users or groups in BeyondTrust. For instance, if you don't want your Tier-1 reps to have access to download files from a customer's computer, you can limit their privileges to upload only.

You can also transfer files while chatting with customers through BeyondTrust. Just click a Send File button to transfer a file to the remote desktop or device. Send file even works on iPad and iPhone. You can transfer files to the BeyondTrust customer client on the iOS device, then the customer can copy those files to other locations.

One guy in China had a huge file that had to get transferred ASAP. [...] Since I already had his MacBook pinned on my rep console, I offered to manually BeyondTrust-Express the file for him by using File Transfer to drop it on my desktop, then used Remote Support to access recipient's computer and file transferred it to her desktop."

Scott C. - President and Senior Engineer at Indevtech Incorporate

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