DevOps Secrets Safe

Secure and manage secrets used by apps and other non-human identities in the CI/CD tool chain. Watch the demo of DevOps Secrets Safe.

Shift Left on Security to Reduce Risks Associated with Secrets Sprawl

Credentials and secrets used in DevOps environments are a prime target for attackers. Using a DevOps tools-centered approach to manage secrets contributes to secrets sprawl and expands the attack surface.

BeyondTrust DevOps Secrets Safe implements a centralized administration solution built for continuous development environments. Its security-centric approach reduces the risk of exposure without slowing down the application delivery process.

Highlighted Features and Capabilities

Purpose-built to Strike a Balance Between Security and Agility

DevOps Secrets Safe is a stand-alone application built on an extensible microservices-based design utilizing Docker containers and targeting Kubernetes as a deployment platform. It is highly secure, scalable and fault tolerant. The modern architecture and deployment model balance the need to operate securely with the velocity and high-availability requirements of enterprise development environments.

Easy to Buy with a Simple Pricing Model

Continuous development environments are complex and dynamic, scaling up or down as needed based on development requirements. The DevOps Secrets Safe licensing model is simple and transparent. We have removed the pricing complexity so you can focus on agile development, not on managing licenses.

Security & DevOps Webinar: What We Have Here Is a Failure to Communicate!

Learn how to successfully implement purpose-built, developer friendly secrets management tools security professionals and dev teams are thrilled to embrace.