BeyondTrust Employee Resource Groups (BTRGs) are a core component of our Diversity & Inclusion initiatives by providing centralized support and programming for our employees, as well as a place to explore identity (their own and that of others). BTRGs are centered on community, education, and appreciation in order to humanize the workplace, build relationships, and celebrate our differences for an enhanced employee experience.

  • All BTRGs are open to all employees
  • BTRGs promote diversity, openness, education, and inclusiveness
  • BTRGs respect differences in beliefs and opinions

BTRGs host both regular community gatherings and larger events for the company aimed at connection, education, and celebration/appreciation. Each BTRG has an has open, active, Teams channel which allows employees to connect and explore different groups on their own.

BeyondTrust is continually growing and expanding our resource groups to support the growing diversity of its employees. Current BTRG's include:


The mission of Amigos@BT is to create a safe environment for Hispanic/Latino employees to develop internal partnerships, and to provide opportunities for Hispanic/Latino employees to thrive within BeyondTrust.


Black@BT’s mission is to create a safe space by building community for our Black employees and allies to engage, connect, empower, and learn.


Faith@BT is dedicated to providing all BT employees access to a safe environment where they can gather, learn, and support one another in the spirit of their beliefs. This resource group encourages employees to bring their whole selves to work: mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual. Faith@BT has a growing number of chapters representing a variety of faith traditions.


Neurodiversity@BT aims to foster a workplace environment where neurodivergent individuals are understood and valued. It also seeks to increase acceptance and inclusion of all employees while embracing neurological differences. This group creates a safe space for open communication and engagement for Neurodiverse employees and allies.


Pride@BT’s mission is to develop partnerships amongst all employees within BeyondTrust. By doing so, we can create a safe environment where all voices can be heard and represented, while promoting tolerance, acceptance, and diversity.


VALOR@BT provides support for our employees in every country who have served in some capacity in a uniformed service branch. The group seeks to increase recruitment, talent development, personal growth, and leadership opportunities for prior military members. VALOR also aims to support employees who have a family member who serves or has served in uniform, and to increase visibility on topics that are important to those who have served.

Women and Allies

The Women and Allies group is dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive environment for open communication and engagement within the female-identifying community and among their allies. It also aims to develop and grow careers for women at BeyondTrust and increase visibility on topics relating to the female experience at BeyondTrust.

"The culture is one that really promotes having a voice no matter what level you are at or the title you hold. The company truly understands that everyone’s experiences, backgrounds, makeups, are what are critical to the success of our organization."

Courtney Streeter

Our strong commitment to creating an exceptional employee experience based on our core values for all employees is reflected in our continued investment in various development programs. D&I programs are planned by our employee-led “Diversity & Inclusion” (D&I) team, which includes employees at all levels and areas across the business, and by our BeyondTrust Resource Groups.

Examples of events held at BeyondTrust include:

  • BeyondDiversity, our annual flagship event, is an internal summit for all employees featuring a half-day of sessions that include employee stories, a keynote speaker, and a dive into our D&I strategy and data.
  • “Summer of Pride,” a summer-long event series that includes company-wide activities, like the Ally Judgement-Free Live Forum and Virtual Drag Bingo. Summer of Pride has become an annual highlight for BeyondTrust employees. It even has its own t-shirts!
  • International Women’s Day Event - This virtual event allowed BT employees to hear directly from a panel of women who have succeeded in their careers and continue to create an impact.
  • Hispanic Heritage Month - The Amigos@BT employee resource group hosted a number of events to celebrate and build an understanding and appreciation of Hispanic culture.
  • Junetheenth - BeyondTrust hosted educational lunches supplied by black businesses at all U.S. offices, and Black@BT shared the history of Juneteenth at our Atlanta Headquarters and hosted a virtual Juneteenth trivia competition for all employees.
  • Fellowship Fridays, hosted by the Christian chapter of Faith@BT, is an informal weekly gathering open to all colleagues to end the work week on an uplifting note.
  • Black History Month – Celebration included a visit to the National Civil and Human Rights Museum to reflect and gain knowledge on all the great works Black Americans have done in the fight for their freedom in the US.

At BeyondTrust our values are practiced everyday from the top down enabling a sense of belonging to a larger extended family. Even as a remote employee our Diversity and Inclusion groups make a real effort to ensure everyone has a place they feel they belong.

BeyondTrust puts on a spotlight each year on the voices of a the diverse group of women working at BeyondTrust, where 33% of leadership roles are held by women, including the CEO. BeyondTrust has been recognized with a The Great Places Best Workplaces for Women award for two year running, in 2022 and 2023.


"I feel like I belong at BeyondTrust, to me it’s always felt like being part of a family."

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