Automation within service desks is nothing new. For decades, help desks and support organizations have relied upon technology to address common questions and problems with minimal human intervention. The latest generation of technology is taking this to another level with the introduction of tools like smart glasses, artificial intelligence, and chat bots with help desks. As the second wave of millennials make their way into the workforce, the pressure is on IT to meet new demands and leverage new technologies to provide support.

  To understand how to provide adequate support in the future, it’s helpful to thoroughly understand what’s pushing us forward:

In additional to these concepts, we identified some of the top tech trends that are emerging today, which will contribute tomorrow’s support landscape

  With all this new technology comes an increased threat landscape. New technologies can create vulnerabilities, and vulnerabilities attract hackers. This will require support centers to shift their focus to be more security-conscious. They will need to know about the vulnerabilities and risks, and educate users on best practices. 

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