Retina CS 6.0 BeyondTrust is pleased to announce the availability of Retina CS Enterprise Vulnerability Management version 6.0. Retina CS 6.0 is packed with features that help organizations:
  • Catch elusive virtual and mobile systems
  • Audit Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS cloud environments, as well as Microsoft Hyper-V platforms
  • Share vulnerability data with leading SIEM solutions including Splunk, FireEye and more
  • Get more from their Tenable Security Center or Tripwire vulnerability data

Centrally Manage Retina Host-based Scans with BeyondInsight

Can you guarantee that your virtual and cloud-based systems are online during a network-based scan? And what about the growing number of remote employee laptops that randomly pop on and off the network? Retina CS 6.0 provides a next-generation host-based vulnerability scanner - Retina Host Security Scanner – enabling organizations to:
  • Identify and scan remote user computers, transient virtual platforms, hardened systems and cloud environments.
  • Perform full authenticated vulnerability and configuration scans without the need to share credentials
  • Quickly scan systems within a matter of minutes
  • Centrally report on and analyze all host-based scan data.

Close Gaps with Certified Cloud & Virtual Connectors

Cloud and virtual infrastructures by nature are very elastic. As a result, their presence can be hard to predict making scanning them even more difficult. Retina CS certified cloud connectors allow organizations to discover all cloud and virtual instances in an environment, group cloud assets for secure management, and scan for known and emerging vulnerabilities. New cloud and virtual connectors available in Retina CS 6.0 include:
  • Amazon AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Hyper-V

Certified Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) Connectors

Adding real-time vulnerability intelligence to SIEM solutions arms organizations with superior targeted attack and breach detection, as well as broader compliance visibility. Retina CS 6.0 has the following certified connectors, for sharing vulnerability data with leading SIEM solutions:
  • FireEye
  • HP ArcSight
  • IBM QRadar
  • LogRhythm
  • McAfee ESM
  • Splunk

Tenable Security Center and Tripwire Scanner Integration

Adding to our list of supported 3rd party scanners [McAfee, Nessus (Tenable), Nexpose (Rapid7) and Qualys], BeyondTrust is pleased to announce connectors for both Security Center (Tenable) and Tripwire vulnerability scanners. With Retina CS 6.0, Tenable and Tripwire customers can safely and easily export their existing vulnerability data (via CSV files) directly to Retina CS, where they can centralize all their scan data for prioritization, reporting and advanced threat analytics. Want additional information on these new features? Check out the What’s New in Retina CS 6.0 document. Also, be sure to watch our new Retina video to see these latest capabilities in action. For more, contact us today!