Retina Host Security Scanner

Eliminate Vulnerability Gaps Resulting From Cloud, Mobile And Hardened Systems

Can you guarantee that your virtual and cloud-based systems are online during a network-based scan? And what about the growing number of remote employee laptops that randomly pop on and off the network? You may also have a number of connected systems that have been hardened – limiting what you can see from the outside looking in. How can you cover these vulnerability gaps?

As part of Retina CS, Retina Host Security Scanner is a modernized host-based vulnerability scanner that eliminates the need for connectivity between a traditional network scanner and its target asset. Extremely fast and highly accurate, Retina Host Security Scanner is a lightweight agent that’s based on Retina’s award winning technology, and over 10 years of in-market host-based scanning experience across thousands of enterprise customers.

Unlike network-based scanners, Retina Host Security Scanner resides on a machine, it collects vulnerability, configuration, and asset data locally and then sends that information to the BeyondInsight platform for centralized management, reporting, and analysis. Giving you the confidence to reliably identify and audit cloud and mobile systems as well as get in-depth vulnerability and configuration information from hardened desktops and servers.

Retina Host-Based Scanning Diagram

Retina Host-Based and Network-Based Scanning provide a complete picture of your environment.

Key Capabilities of Retina Host Security Scanner

Close Cloud & Mobile Gaps: Identify and scan elusive targets including mobile computers, transient virtual platforms, hardened systems and cloud environments where network-based scans are ineffective. Audit VMware instances even when they are powered off.

Fast & Concurrent Scanning: With scans that take merely minutes per machine, Retina Host Scanner is extremely fast, and won’t slow down your network. And since each asset scans itself, the time to assess thousands of systems is essentially the same as scanning just a few.

Credentialed Assessments: Safely perform deep credentialed scans to weed out weak passwords, identify missing security patches, spot unauthorized software applications, and more. All of this without having to share high-privileged accounts or create additional accounts for vulnerability scanning.

Centralized Management: Easily manage all host-based scan jobs and updates with BeyondInsight. Once a scan is complete, the host-based agent sends its detailed vulnerability and configuration findings to BeyondInsight, for centralized reporting and threat analytics.

Deployment, Scanning and Management

A simple utility enables IT administrators or security staff to pre-configure Retina Host Security Scanner for automatic deployment. Using this ‘wizard-like’ utility, the host-based scanner can be easily setup and packaged for delivery via Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) or whichever software distribution solution your organization uses. Once installed, Retina Host Security Scanner will periodically ping BeyondInsight to check for any scan jobs or updates.

Now that Retina Host Security Scanners are under BeyondInsight’s control you can organize them into logical groups (i.e. marketing dept., DMZ, web servers, laptops, etc.) called
Smart Groups. By looking at these hosts within groups, you can more easily flag unknown applications, detect known threats and identify high risk assets.

Why Host-Based Scanning Plays a Critical Role


Cloud and virtual infrastructures by nature are very elastic and can be spun up or down without notice. As a result, their presence is hard to predict making scanning them difficult. Making matters worse, often these resources are hardened in order to prevent security breaches and are inherently resilient to network-based vulnerability assessments. Having Retina Host Security Scanner on the asset allows it to scan itself whenever active, giving you the confidence of always knowing the risks associated with your virtual systems.


Employees are more mobile now than ever before. In fact, a recent study by Global Workspace Analytics found that 3.7 million US employees work from home at least fifty percent of the time. Mobile computers used by regional sales teams, remote employees, and frequent flying execs can easily fall through the cracks, posing a significant risk to your organization. Retina Host Security Scanner can perform a deep inspection of these mobile systems while their offline – safeguarding your business from these otherwise unknown threats that could compromise your security.


While unauthenticated scans provide a valuable outsider’s view of your network, they tend to miss the majority (75%) of vulnerabilities within a target environment – making credentialed scans a must for those seeking to get a true picture of their risk. Some organizations however are concerned about internally sharing high-privileged credentials required to uncover threats such as weak passwords, missing security patches, and unauthorized applications. With Retina Host Security Scanner, since the scans are performed locally, there is no need to share credentials or create additional service accounts for scanning – ensuring your most sensitive secrets stay private.


Have you ever used one of those video rental kiosks outside your local grocery store or pharmacy? How about those newfangled vending machines in the airport that sell everything from $350 digital cameras to a $50 makeup kits? If you have, you know that these modern self-service kiosks accept credit cards as payment. And since they do, they are bound by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and in turn are required to pass a vulnerability audit – just like traditional ecommerce websites. With Retina Host Security Scanner rest assured that you’ll have a clear picture of your PCI posture for your remote terminals and kiosks.

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