PowerBroker Password Safe 6.0 BeyondTrust has released version 6.0 of PowerBroker Password Safe, our solution for automating privileged password and privileged session management. This new release features some exciting enhancements – especially around session management and password management, giving users unmatched levels of security, accountability and control while continuing our commitment to usability and simplicity. Read on for more.

Connect Directly to SSH Sessions with DirectConnect

Getting to SSH sessions traditionally takes multiple steps, costing administrators more time to get the job done. If SSH sessions are auto-approved, shouldn’t administrators be able to make a direct connection via their favorite SSH client? ? We think so, which is why we’ve introduced SSH DirectConnect. With DirectConnect, administrators can launch an SSH session by simply passing a connection string to the Password Safe proxy. No agents need to be installed on the hosts, and connection to any SSH system is supported, including Unix/Linux hosts, and network devices such as routers or firewalls. This new capability improves usability for administrators, making access to session and apps secure and convenient.

Manage Privileged And Non-Privileged Accounts With SailPoint IdentityIQ Integration

IT teams need to address three critical questions around user access. Identity and access management (IAM) solutions help IT teams answer ‘Who has access to what?’ But, in order to achieve complete user visibility, privileged access management solutions address the remaining questions: ‘Is that access appropriate?’ and ‘Is that access being used appropriately?’ With Password Safe version 6.0, SailPoint IdentityIQ customers can leverage a dynamic, bi-directional certified integration allowing organizations to effectively manage user access for both privileged and non-privileged accounts. This integration gives organization a single solution for the management and security of asset data, privileged and non-privileged users, and associated functions by role including assessments, auditing, rule creation, and reporting.

Focus Your Agents with Active/Active Targeted Password Change

If your organization has active/active deployment methodologies, there are occasions where it is helpful to focus the scope of what Password Safe nodes can process on items, such as password changes, password tests, and account notifications. With Password Safe version 6.0, agents are built into every node, allowing you to selectively process queue items for designated local workgroups. This feature helps administrators achieve scalability by distributing the password change workload and enabling the location of Agents close to managed resources, removing the need to open multiple firewall ports thus isolating network traffic within the data center. There are over 80 enhancements and new features in the 6.0 version of PowerBroker Password Safe. Check out the new features document for a complete rundown, and if you would like to learn more about PowerBroker Password Safe, let us know!