Survey reveals impact of Snowden and Target breaches.

96% of security professionals have felt increased pressure to secure the endpoint over the past year, according to new research from Avecto.

The privilege management specialists surveyed over 500 security professionals to mark the 25 year history of the internet and found that almost all respondents claimed they had felt a growing pressure to prioritize endpoint security. Following a year of countless high profile data breaches, the survey found that the famous attack on US retailer Target and Edward Snowden's NSA leaks caused 62% to rethink their security strategy.

84% of those surveyed also believed that cyber security was on the cusp of being on the board agenda of all large firms, with increased scrutiny of security practices finally being driven from the very top of organizations.

Andrew Avanessian, VP Professional Services at Avecto said: "Securing the endpoint isn't simply about installing antivirus software anymore. It requires a layered approach, which is why diligent IT departments are concentrating on developing detailed endpoint security strategies."

"It is essential to couple traditional preventative perimeter security such as antivirus and firewalls with the proactive strategies of app whitelisting, privilege management and patching. Without these measures in place, hackers will continue to target the endpoint, malicious insiders will continue to be successful and enterprises will continue to be at risk."

The research also found that most respondents deemed firewalls to be the security measure that has had the biggest positive impact over the internet's 25 year lifespan, while malware was seen as the biggest threat of the last quarter of a century.

Andrew continued: "We've seen cyber threats grow in number and complexity over the years, with Advanced Persistent Threats getting harder to predict and stop. With data breaches and vulnerabilities continuing to hit the headlines every week, endpoint security practices that focus on defence in depth have never been more important."

The survey results are available in our infographic: 25 Years of Internet and Cyber Security Developments.