Application Privilege Management Highlighted as an Antivirus Alternative.

Avecto, a market leader in privilege management solutions, has been included in Forrester Research, Inc.'s June, 2014 Prepare for the Post-AV Era Part 1: Five Alternatives to Endpoint Antivirus* report. Avecto was named a vendor to watch in application privilege management, one of five alternatives to endpoint antivirus solutions. The other four alternatives were application whitelisting, application integrity protection, endpoint execution isolation and endpoint visibility.

Avecto was cited as one of three vendors who "allow the blocking of unknown or admin-specified applications, giving S&R pros the ability to further reduce their attack surface at the cost of some additional management overhead." the report noted.

"Endpoint antivirus is becoming increasingly outdated on its own and does not offer sufficient protection." said Andrew Avanessian, Vice President of Global Professional Services at Avecto. "Organizations need a defense-in-depth solution to defend against next-gen attacks. Coupling traditional security staples with proactive solutions such as least privilege management will maximize protection against today's advanced threats."

Avecto was recognized with four other vendors in the application privilege management space, including AppSense, BeyondTrust, Centrify and Viewfinity.

Avecto's Privilege Guard solution enforces least privilege on the endpoint, enabling security professionals to remove administrator rights while elevating privileges as needed to only those applications that require them. Because the majority of malware requires administrator rights to execute, this form of endpoint defense offers high levels of protection and should be used to augment or replace antivirus technologies.

Avecto recently hosted a webinar, featuring guest speaker analyst Chris Sherman, titled "Beyond Anti-Virus; Next Generation Solutions for Next Generation Attacks". The on-demand recording is available at the following link:

The report is available for purchase on Forrester's website here.

*Forrester Research, Prepare for the Post-AV Era Part 1: Five Alternatives to Endpoint Antivirus, Chris Sherman, Stephanie Balaouras, Rick Holland, Andrew Rose, Katherine Williamson, June 9, 2014