Apple has been a household name for decades; and deservingly so as they have built their reputation on simplicity and ease of use. Remember the old Mac vs. PC commercials? Funny, effective, and partially true. More recently, however, the company has pushed hard to gain more ground in the enterprise. This is evident in their recently-announced third quarter earnings report showing nine percent year-over-year growth of the Mac line (and especially considering that PC sales are declining). But with fame comes pain. Apple products, while statistically having fewer reported security issues, are not immune. The increased use of Mac products has increased the exposure of security flaws within the OS and painted a bigger target on the company. This has caused many companies to look at ways of beefing up Mac security policies, and better align Macs with their Windows, Unix, and Linux infrastructures. The problem these companies run into though, is that there hasn’t been a product on the market that allows for least privilege on their Mac computers. Until now… Today, BeyondTrust is introducing PowerBroker for Mac, the first and only graphical solution to provide least privilege for the Mac! PowerBroker for Mac reduces the risk of privilege misuse by enabling standard users on Mac OS X to perform administrative tasks successfully without entering elevated credentials. With PowerBroker for Mac IT organizations simplify the enforcement of least-privilege policies, closing security gaps, improving operational efficiency and achieving compliance objectives faster. Similar to our PowerBroker for Windows and PowerBroker for Unix & Linux solutions, companies can now set their Mac OS users as standard users but still provide the ability for approved applications requiring elevated rights to launch, install, or update without the use of SU or Sudo. Using a small client install, privileged events are recorded and centralized into the included BeyondInsight Risk Management Platform. With this data, administrators, ‘approve’ applications, preferences, etc. and deliver these back to the Mac end-points via a secured Web Services channel. We’re pleased to offer the following features in PowerBroker for Mac 1.0: Least Privilege Made Simple Monitor application launches on Apple Mac, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, or Xserver and elevate them to the proper permissions without prompting for administrator credentials. Extensive Rule Library Speeds Results Reduce risk on OS X assets immediately with rules for more than 40 of the most popular applications that require privileges from Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, and VMware. Define custom rules based on application and path, or Shell Rule. Centrally manage all policies via web services or BeyondInsight or hosted locally for air gapped implementations. Policy Editor Enhances Productivity Minimize the number of products needed to perform least privilege across all endpoints through the PowerBroker Policy Editor. Enhance productivity by providing the same user experience for both Windows and Mac operating systems. Least Privilege in Heterogeneous Environments Utilize BeyondInsight as a single platform to manage least privilege across Windows, Mac, Unix and Linux environments. powerbroker-for-mac-diagram-small If you are interested in keeping the privilege exploits away, try PowerBroker for Mac today. Read the features document, or datasheet, and contact us for a demo. Also, if you are planning to attend Black Hat, stop by booth #441 for a demo, and you could win an Apple Watch, Apple TV, Apple Airport Express, or iTunes gift card! Author: Jason Silva | Product Manager, Endpoint Solutions | BeyondTrust