NIST SP800-53 If Federal cybersecurity mandate compliance is a journey, NIST SP800-53 is oddly your roadmap and your destination. It seems regardless of which mandate or framework you begin with; they all point there. If FISMA Compliance is your goal, then you are directed to the Cybersecurity Framework, which is built upon controls from NIST SP800-53. If compliance with FIPS 200 is where you’d like to land, better check out NIST SP800-53 to implement the low, moderate or high impact controls for your specific environment. Even our non-federal information systems, like state and local governments or universities, handling Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) get a trip guide from NIST SP800-53 by way of NIST SP80-171! With these winding roads leading to the same place what do you do once you get there? With NIST SP80-53 topping out at 462 pages, and those mandate and framework entry points being hundreds more pages of guidance, how will you know if the vendors your taking this trip with can actually help you achieve those controls? A few pages of collateral certainly won’t answer those questions.
Ready to start addressing the NIST SP800-53 cybersecurity regulations? Download this guide, Addressing NIST SP800-53 Requirements with BeyondTrust Solutions. DOWNLOAD NOW

An Expert Navigator in the Passenger Seat

At BeyondTrust, as we are helping agencies achieve their risk management goals, we’ve been thinking about this complex trek to compliance too. How do we support organizations as they work to implement security controls for privilege management, vulnerability management, auditing, reporting and threat analytics? How can we make mapping those capabilities easier for them? Our expert product management and engineering teams took a deep dive into NIST SP800-53.r4 to determine exactly which control families and which controls within those families are supported and summarized how we support them. We’ve wrapped that information up into two comprehensive tools for you.

Your Travel Guide to Control Implementation

To get you started we’ve created an executive summary, Aligning BeyondTrust Solution Capabilities to NIST SP800-53 Controls, that takes you through the 9 control families we support and provides a high-level overview of each. When you are ready to roll up your sleeves and begin implementation, we’ve built a detailed guide, Addressing NIST SP800-53 Requirements with BeyondTrust Solutions. This guide dives deep into each of these 9 controls addressing privilege and vulnerability management, auditing, reporting, risk assessment and threat analytics. It includes a full view of which controls we support, how we achieve the goal of the control and which of our products can take you there. You can reference back to this guide each time you work on another control family.

Don’t Travel Alone

Here at BeyondTrust we have a seasoned Federal team that understands your needs and challenges. The BeyondTrust IT Risk Management Platform helps agencies secure their environments and fulfill regulatory requirements through its integrated suite of IT security solutions that reduce user-based risk and address security exposures. Contact us when you are ready to tackle the next set of compliance requirements. We are ready to navigate the winding road with you.