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Federal Government Cyber Security Solutions to Help Prevent Data Breaches Before They Occur

Reduce Risk and Complexity with Visibility, Awareness and Control

In today’s world of complex IT environments and highly motivated adversaries, government organizations must be more vigilant and proactive than ever before. Government IT professionals are challenged to support mission achievement with a balance of security and end user productivity. Mandates like CSIP, DoD CDIP, NIST and FISMA strive to provide structure and accountability to ensure optimal security, but add to the challenges federal agencies face through annual reviews and cumbersome reporting requirements. BeyondTrust partners with government organizations to provide solutions that effectively maintain security and support mandate compliance. Through a unified suite of solutions, we integrate privileged access management with vulnerability management to provide a centralized view of user, account and asset security. Incorporation of threat and vulnerability intelligence with behavioral analytics adds context to risk assessments and provides a complete view of user and asset risk – with the ability to understand how they affect one another.

Secure Agency Information Systems in Compliance with Government Mandate Requirements

BeyondTrust solutions arm Government IT and Security professionals with visibility into internal and external risk, the knowledge to analyze and prioritize that risk and the controls to take informed action. Enterprise password security, endpoint privilege management, and server privilege management enable Federal IT teams to seamlessly bridge gaps between internal, user-based risk and external, asset based risk. These solutions allow agencies to protect their complex heterogeneous environments while supporting achievement of federal cyber security mandate compliance and reporting requirements. The result is a modern, efficient, more secure agency information environment.

Mandate Compliance

Implementing NIST SP800-53 Controls with BeyondTrust

Implementing NIST SP800-53 Controls with BeyondTrust

Are you optimizing your agency information systems using the guidance in NIST SP800-53? As you implement control families, use these guides to align BeyondTrust capabilities to the specific controls related to privilege access and vulnerability management, threat and behavioral analytics and reporting.

Learn more: Addressing NIST SP800-53 Requirements with BeyondTrust Solutions

FISMA compliance with the NIST Framework

FISMA compliance with the NIST Framework

Support FISMA Compliance with by leveraging privileged access management and vulnerability management solutions to control privileged users and assets.  BeyondTrust solutions address the latest National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) controls related to access control, audit and accountability, incident response, risk assessment procedures, and system and information integrity with a single platform.

Learn more: Aligning BeyondTrust Solution Capabilities to NIST SP800-53 Controls – Executive Brief

Incorporate the CSIP Directives with Ease

Incorporate the CSIP Directives with Ease

BeyondTrust helps federal agencies improve accountability and control over privileged passwords, protect high-value assets (HVA) from unauthorized access, and incorporate integrated threat analytics into the security monitoring process to achieve CSIP compliance.

Learn more: Enhancing the Cybersecurity of Federal Information and Assets through CSIP

Follow CDM Guidelines to Safeguard Your Infrastructure

Follow CDM Guidelines to Safeguard Your Infrastructure

Address critical functional areas in the Department of Homeland Security’s Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program related to endpoint integrity, least privilege access, and infrastructure integrity.

Learn more: Addressing Continuous Diagnostics & Mitigation Program Requirements

Defend DoD IT Networks from Known (and Unknown) Threats

Defend DoD IT Networks from Known (and Unknown) Threats

Address the four lines of effort mandated in the DoD Cybersecurity Discipline Implementation Plan (CDIP) by employing a unified IT risk management platform that combats internal and external threats while managing privileged access for all users.

Learn more: Addressing the Department of Defense Cybersecurity Discipline Implementation Plan

Move Confidently to the Cloud – You’re Protected

Move Confidently to the Cloud – You’re Protected

Protect the IT infrastructure in your datacenter or the cloud with zero-gap coverage for diverse and hybrid environments. Discover and assess any IT resource in your organization with agentless and agent-based scanning that protects your high value assets, whether they are connected to your network or not.

Learn about our cloud solutions.

Rely on Our Alliances to Help You Achieve the Mission

Rely on Our Alliances to Help You Achieve the Mission

BeyondTrust platform solutions share real-time asset, user and threat intelligence with dozens of third-party network and security solutions to automate their interactions, synchronize their intelligence, and stop threats before damage is done.

Learn about the solutions we work with.

Contract Vehicles for Efficient Procurement 

Contract Vehicles for Efficient Procurement 

BeyondTrust partners with organizations that “get” government. Acquire your privileged access and vulnerability management solutions through resellers and contract vehicles that make your job easier.

Learn about our partners.

GSA & NASA SEWP Contracts

GSA & NASA SEWP Contracts

GSA Contracts held by our partners:

  • DLT Solutions: GS-35F-4543G
  • ImmixGroup: GS-35F-0265X
  • GovPlace: GS-35F-0179X

NASA SEWP Contracts held by our partners:

  • DLT Solutions: NNG15SC07B & NNG15SC98B
  • ImmixGroup: NNG15SC16B & NNG15SC39B
  • GovPlace: NNG15SC77B & NNG15SC37B

Use Cases

Reducing Risk with Privilege Access and Vulnerability Management Solutions


Organizations with heterogeneous infrastructure require cross-platform support and policies. PowerBroker enables user privilege management across Windows, Mac, Unix and Linux platforms. This ensures consistency and reduces management requirements, saving time and resources.


With PowerBroker Enterprise Password Management solutions record and replay any privileged activity, including mouse movements and user interface screen captures, across network and cloud environments. Activity can specifically be tied to an individual user, even when shared accounts are used.


The PowerBroker Endpoint Least Privilege solution includes onboard vulnerability management capabilities enable security teams to focus remediation on applications that pose the greatest risk by usage. The solution can also automatically restrict privileges or deny execution of vulnerable applications until they are patched.


PowerBroker Server Privilege Management solutions include Active Directory bridging capabilities enable Unix, Linux and Mac hosts to join Active Directory.  That, plus the solution’s onboard password management capabilities, enables administrators to simplify directory management by focusing on a single account for each user.


BeyondInsight vulnerability and threat intelligence plus behavioral analytics pinpoint advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other elusive attacks by analyzing privileged password, user, and account activity, along with asset characteristics such as vulnerability count, vulnerability level, attacks detected, risk score, applications, services, software and ports to connect the dots and flags the events you need to focus on.


Service accounts are user accounts created to provide a security context for services running on Windows Server operating systems. The security context determines the service’s ability to access local and network resources. These are often connected to mission critical applications, and are accompanied by elevated privileges. Losing control of those privileges opens an agency up to the potential for disastrous consequences. Explore best practices and practical steps to successful, secure Service Account Management.