Today’s tech users can often find themselves in sticky situations, needing help in an instant. In a single bound, it’s usually the IT team to the rescue! Whether it’s fixing a router, troubleshooting your email settings or custom mobile application, or ensuring the network is always up and running (even if it’s 3:00 am on a weekend), this team rocks! And so, we celebrate them today, National Superhero Day, for their dedication to their jobs – we surely could not function without them.

Bomgar has always viewed the IT department as superheroes within the business. In a throwback to this Baseline Magazine slideshow, when the ‘Avengers’ movie was released, we mused on what eight of the movie’s superhero characters would be like if they worked in an IT department.

For example, perhaps there is someone on your IT team who is like Iron Man, the IT whiz who doesn’t always follow the rules, but always gets the job done. Or, maybe you have a help desk superhero at your company who is more like Thor, who always treats customers with great care, making sure no IT issues are left unaddressed. Then again, you could be lucky enough to have a Captain America in your midst, a great analytical pro and leader who carefully examines situations and then assigns the right team member to fix the technology problem at hand.

Your help desk team, IT and security pros are always there to help you with your tech challenges. Bomgar salutes all of them today for their hard work. Take a moment to pat your colleagues in IT on the back and remind them how much they are appreciated!

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