Bomgar’s company vision is a world where everyone and everything can connect fearlessly, with a mission to connect and protect people and technology through our secure access solutions.

We’re constantly seeking to drive innovation and deliver more value to our customers and partners. The acquisition of Lieberman Software, a leading privileged identity management technology provider, enables Bomgar to take a big leap forward to create a best-in-class Privileged Access and Identity portfolio.

Bomgar’s Acquisition of Lieberman Software will accelerate efforts for solving real customer problems in the secure access domain

In the Privileged Access Management (PAM) market, buyers are seeking products that not only improve security and accountability, but also don’t impede their users in their day to day job tasks. Offering privileged session management and credential management as a solution from one company means that customers can streamline their PAM implementations while addressing a wide variety of use cases related to access and passwords.

Following the acquisition of Lieberman Software, Bomgar will be positioned to deliver even more value to customers and partners than each company was already delivering individually.

Starting today, Bomgar’s security portfolio is uniquely positioned to deliver a true defense in depth solution with a swift time to value, rapid deployments, and a compelling user experience. We can’t wait to see where it takes us!