Q. What has occurred between Bomgar and Lieberman Software?

A: On January 31, 2018, Bomgar acquired Lieberman Software. For information about the acquisition, please read our press release and blog.

Q. Who is Lieberman Software?

A: Lieberman Software provides cyber defense products which contain cyberattacks that penetrate the network perimeter. The Lieberman Rapid Enterprise Defense™ (RED) Suite focuses on different areas of cybersecurity, systems configuration, and privileged identity management to successfully analyze and remediate compromised environments. The suite provides automated countermeasures against sophisticated cyberattacks to reduce losses to acceptable levels, even during constant attack. More information can be found at www.liebsoft.com.

Q: What products does Lieberman Software offer?

A: The Lieberman Rapid Enterprise Defense (RED) Identity Management Suite is a series of modules designed for Intrusion Response professionals. The suite components provide permanent automated countermeasures against sophisticated attackers to reduce losses to acceptable levels, even during constant attack.

The Lieberman RED Suite is optimized for speed, handles alternate credentials, understands platforms, and can crawl stacks for credential use. It is anchored by the Lieberman RED Identity Management solution, a Proactive Cyber Defense Platform that protects organizations against malicious insiders, advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other sophisticated cyberattacks – on-premises, in the cloud, and in hybrid environments.

The suite of tools reduces the lifetime of stolen credentials, eliminates well-known and shared credentials, and helps to kill off unauthorized installed software. The Lieberman RED Suite disrupts intrusions rapidly, immediately, and interactively with surgical precision.

Q: Why did Bomgar acquire Lieberman Software?

A: The acquisition of Lieberman Software enables Bomgar to accelerate solving real customer problems in the Secure Access domain. With the acquisition, Bomgar will offer a comprehensive Privileged Access Management (PAM) platform that provides unparalleled protection against the most pervasive and dangerous cyber threats. The combination of Bomgar and Lieberman will allow Bomgar to:

  • Provide a best-in-class Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution from a single vendor. According to Gartner, through 2021, organizations with privileged access management (PAM) tools will have at least 50% lower risk of impact by advanced threats as compared to their peers without PAM tools*. The combination of Lieberman Software’s leading privileged identity and credential management solution with Bomgar’s advanced privileged access and session management technology will enable customers to easily and rapidly implement a comprehensive, best-in-class PAM solution to protect themselves against these advanced threats.
  • Advance our Secure Access portfolio. The acquisition furthers Bomgar’s mission to help organizations connect fearlessly by adding advanced technology to discover, manage, and protect privileged credentials while simultaneously identifying and neutralizing attacks. The integration of the Lieberman RED Identity Management Suite with Bomgar’s Secure Access solutions will allow customers to further improve their security posture while simultaneously improving productivity.
  • Expand our partner channel. Over the years, both Bomgar and Lieberman Software have developed robust partner networks that include leading technology vendors, consulting organizations, service providers, and resellers from around the globe. Combining these networks will result in an expansive partner ecosystem that will enable Bomgar to scale and improve our customer reach and support.
  • Tackle the world’s biggest security challenges. The product and development teams at both Bomgar and Lieberman Software have spent years creating innovative software that improves the security posture of our customers without forcing them to compromise business agility or sacrifice productivity. We’re excited to join forces and work with our more than 13,000 combined customers to address their biggest security challenges today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Q: I’m a Bomgar customer, how does this impact me?

A: Bomgar customers who use the current Bomgar Vault will be offered an opportunity to migrate to the Lieberman RED Identity Management Suite, which will enable customers to immediately expand the use cases for their credential management program. Bomgar will proactively work with Vault customers to identify the migration options that will work with their individual configurations.

Bomgar customers who use Privileged Access or Remote Support will have the opportunity to enable a seamless integration with Lieberman RED Identity Management to take advantage of the expanded credential management features now available.

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Q: I’m a Lieberman customer, how does this impact me?

A: The current Lieberman Software product development and support teams will be integrated into Bomgar. This will ensure you receive consistent and uninterrupted RED Identity Management product development, support, and service. All scheduled training sessions will continue to proceed as planned.

You will have the opportunity to leverage a seamless integration with Bomgar Privileged Access, a privileged session management tool that enables organizations to control, monitor, record, and manage privileged access to critical systems by authorized employees, contractors, and third-party vendors, as well as Bomgar Remote Support, which can be used to securely access and support any device or system, anywhere in the world.

Q: Will this impact customer service and support?

A: Bomgar and Lieberman customers will continue to receive the high-quality customer service they have always experienced. The current Lieberman support team will be appropriately integrated into Bomgar to ensure consistent support and service for current Lieberman customers.

Q: I’m a Bomgar or Lieberman partner, how will this impact me?

A: We believe that there is the potential for significant partner synergy following this acquisition. We will have more details on the partner integration process in the coming weeks and months. For the immediate future, the transaction does not change the way partners will work and interact with either Bomgar or Lieberman Software. All scheduled training sessions will continue to proceed as planned.

*Gartner, Inc., “Best Practices for Privileged Access Management, 2017”, Anmol Singh, Felix Gaehtgens, September 12, 2017.

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