Remote Support now offers the most secure iOS screen sharing capabilities for iPads and iPhones running iOS 11. Support technicians can view the screen of any iPhone or iPad from their desktop or mobile device. In addition, iOS screen sharing is available over WiFi or cellular network connections, so customers can receive screen sharing support no matter where they’re located.

We're leveraging Apple's new iOS 11 screen recording and broadcast capabilities to allow real-time screen sharing with iOS devices. Customers just need to download the Customer Client app from the App Store to take advantage of the feature. Once the customer enables and starts broadcasting, a support technician using Bomgar Remote Support can see the full screen and chat with the end user.

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“Security, privacy, and trust are of the utmost importance when viewing an end-user’s screen, especially when you’re accessing their mobile devices."

Donald Hasson, Director of ITSM Product Management, Bomgar

What makes Bomgar the most secure screen sharing app for iPad and iPhone?

The Bomgar app includes customizable text agreements and support tool prompting that requires an end-user to consent to screen sharing before the session starts. During the support session, the iOS devices shows visual cues to indicate screen sharing is occurring.

Bomgar also captures a full audit trail—including a video recording—of every iOS screen sharing session to store and track exactly what the technician viewed and any actions taken by the end-user during the session. These capabilities enable organizations to better protect their user’s privacy and meet compliance regulations, such as GDPR, PCI, and HIPAA.

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"As more and more workers rely on Apple devices, support and service organizations are being overloaded with requests to support them."

Donald Hasson, Director of ITSM Product Management, Bomgar

Get Started with iOS Screen Sharing

To begin using iOS screen sharing, customers first need to download and install the latest app from the App Store.

Screen sharing does require a couple of steps on the part of the customer, so we've made a trial guide article to cover Screen Sharing with iOS Devices (iPads and iPhones).